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Dish Network Flex TV

Dish Network FLEX TV is here!

Flex TV is a new way to purchase Dish Network programming- NO social security number, NO credit check and NO long term contract required!

Satellite One is now rolling out it's introductory Flex TV package for only $149.99! This includes a Dish Network 311 Receiver, a Dish 500 w/LNBF and a self-installation kit.
(Also available as upgrades are the Dish Network 322 dual tuner & 625 DVR systems; see below for more details.)

Order now!

Like our DISH NOW program, Flex TV is designed to let you purchase a receiver and receive Dish programming - including local channels and a variety of international packages - without the hassles of leases, contracts or credit checks. You can shut off your programming when you want, and turn it back on anytime. A $20 fee may apply*.

Flex TV offers all the benefits of the Dish Now Prepaid Dish Network without the hassles of ordering prepaid programming cards & entering PIN numbers. You can also subscribe to a broader range of programming, including HDTV!

How does it work?

It's easy to get Dish Network Flex TV! Just follow these 4 simple steps:

After your first month of programming is up, simply log in to your account at or call Dish directly and order new programming. There are no  penalties for stopping/starting service whenever you choose. A re-start fee may apply*.

Get Started!

Step 1: Fill out the form below, and we will set you up in the Flex TV system**

This is required to determine your eligibility for Flex TV. (You will not be charged for any equipment, and your equipment will not ship, until your Flex TV account is approved.)

**FLEX TV IS CURRENTLY ONLY BEING OFFERED TO NEW DISH NETWORK CUSTOMERS** If you have had Dish Network under your name in the past you are not eligible for Flex TV at this time. Please contact us with any questions.

Step 2: Order your Flex TV system.

Choose the 311 system (for one TV), 322 system (for two TVs) or 625 system (DVR/2 TVs)

Complete 311 System only$149.99

(The 311 has 1 tuner, for one TV)

This includes a Dish Network 311 Receiver, a Dish 500, Twin LNBF and a FREE self-installation kit.

Contact us for information regarding equipment upgrades.

*we are currently upgrading the 311 to the new 211 at no additional cost.


Complete 322 System only$199.99

(The 322 has 2 tuners, and can be used for 2 TVs to view 2 different channels *)

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This includes a Dish Network 322 Receiver, a Dish 500, DishPro Plus Twin LNBF and a FREE self-installation kit.

Contact us for information regarding equipment upgrades.

*we are currently upgrading the 322 to the new 222 at no additional cost.


Complete 625 System only$149.99

(The 625 has 2 tuners, and Digital Video Recording [DVR] capabilities*)

This includes a Dish Network 625 Receiver, a Dish 500, DishPro Plus Twin LNBF and a FREE self-installation kit.

Contact us for information regarding equipment upgrades.

*additional monthly fees may apply

Once you're approved (we will email you confirmation), we will process your payment and ship your equipment.

Step 3: Install your equipment using the free Self-Installation Kit included with every Flex TV system from Satellite One.**


Step 4: Contact us to activate your programming and pay for your first month.

After we activate your programming, we will provide you with all the information you need to manage your account online.


Flex TV Programming Packages & Pricing


American Programming

Latino Programming International


America's Top 120

DishMexico All DISH International


America's Top 120 Plus

DishLatino Clasico  


America's Top 200

DishLatino Plus  


America's Top 250

DishLatino Dos  


America's "Everything" Pak

DishLatino Max  


DISH America Silver



DISH America Gold



Comparison Guide












Contact us to find out more!


*$20 re-start fee applies if account is "involuntarily" disconnected. You must request from DISH customer service that your account be "voluntarily" disconnected. These are DISH Network rules and may change at any time. We have no control over their business rules and fees.

**You are purchasing this equipment at a discount. Therefore, you are responsible for the installation. Neither DISH Network or Satellite One will provide installation services. If you are unable to install this system or find your own installer, then our FLEX TV program is not for you.



Satellite One has been a leader in the satellite dish industry since 1983. We offer a great selection of Dish Network products including receivers, remotes and accessories.

Do you have a question about your Dish Network system? With over 25 years of experience configuring satellite systems, we can help. Contact us today.


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