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Dish Network Support Center

After years of selling and installing Dish Network systems, we've complied a host of great support information for Dish Network systems, old and new. Please let us know if you have a question that you can't find the answer to - chances are we can help!


Find the answers to hundreds of common questions by using Dish Network's AskDISH feature. It also allows you to type in your own questions and it will find the answer! Go To AskDish Now! >>>


Dish Network Receivers

Receiver Reset and Memory Dump (all receivers except 7100/7200)

Hard Drive Dump for PVR 501

DishPlayer Advanced Codes

Receiver Not Accepting Initial Download

Quick Reference Guides:


Solo ViP 211k/211/411


Duo ViP 222k


Solo 301/311


Duo 322


Solo 381


DuoDVR 522/625


ViP 612


ViP 622


ViP 722


DuoDVR 722k

Dish Network Receiver User Guides:

Current Technology:

Duo ViP 222

Duo ViP 222k

Solo ViP 211k/211/411

DuoDVR ViP 722

DuoDVR ViP 722k

DuoDVR ViP 622

Solo DVR ViP 612

Solo 111

Solo 301

Solo 311

Duo 322

Solo 351

Solo 381

Solo 501, Solo 508 & Solo DVR 510

DuoDVR 522 & 625

Solo 811

Duo DVR 942

Older Technology:




3800, 3900, 4700, 4900



DISH 721

DISH Player - DVR 921

Phillips Manufactured:


3800, 3900, 4700 & 4900

JVC Manufactured:

JVC D-VHS Digital Satellite Recorder: HM-DSR100-U


3800, 3900, 4700 & 4900

Dish Network Remote Control Manuals

Platinum Remote COntrol (for Dish PVR 501/508)

Platinum Plus Remote Control (for DishPVR 721)

1.5 Blue Button Remote Control

1.5 Dedicated Insert Control

3.0 - 3.1 - 3.2 - 4.0 Remote Control

5.0 - 6.0 - 8.0 Remote Control (Dish 811, Dish Player - DVR 522 & 921)

7100/7200 Remote Control

EZ Remote Control

6.2 Replacement Remote Control

IR-to-UHF Pro Upgrade Kit

6.3 Remote Control

Two-Way Remote Control Model 21.0

Technology & Antenna Installation Guides

DishPro Plus Technology:

DishPro Plus Technology Quick Facts

DishPro Plus 44 Switch

DishPro Plus 44 Switch Example A

DishPro Plus 44 Switch Example B

DishPro Plus 44 Switch Example C

DishPro Plus 44 Switch Example D

Receivers that support the DP+ Switch

Dual Tuner Receivers w/Single Cable

DishPro Plus Twin LNBF Installation

DishPro Technology:

Intro to DishPro Technology

3 Orbital Locations - 4 Tuner Outputs

3 Orbital Locations - 12 Tuner Outputs

DishPro and Legacy Receiver Installation

DishPro DP34 Switch

DishPro DP34 Switch Installation Guide

DishPro Twin Installation Guide

DishPro Check Switch Examples

Installing a DP21 Switch

DP21 Installation Guide

Legacy Technology:

Using a SW21 Switch with a SW44 or SW64 Switch

Using a Legacy Quad on Early Model Receivers

Switch Test Breakdown

Dish500+ and Dish1000+:

Dish 500+ & Dish 1000+ Quick Facts

Product Launch Bulletin

Installation Guide

Dish1000+ LNBF Assembly

Dish 1000:

Dish1000 Quick Facts

Footprint Map

Installation Guide

Dish 1000.2:

Dish1000.2 Quick Facts

Product Launch

Installation Guide


Getting to know SuperDish

Generic SuperDish Installation Diagram

Installation Manual


Spot Beam Satellite Technology

Spot Beams on 110 degrees

Spot Beams on 119 degrees

RV Pointing Table

Backfeeding Techniques

Backfeed Using Existing Coaxial Cable

Backfeed Using Diplexers

Backfeed Using DP34 Switch & Diplexers

Backfeed Using Diplexers, Off-Air/CATV & Super Home Node

Backfeed Using Two Dual-Tuner Receivers with Agile Modulated Outputs

Backfeed with Access to TV1 & TV2, with Off-Air/CATV Source & Super Home Node

DishPro Plus Twin Installation with Backfee Using Diplexers

DishPro Plus Twin with Off-Air/CATV, Super Home Node & Diplexers

DishPro Plus 44 Switch Installations Using Diplexers

DishPro Plus 44 Switch with Diplexers & 2 Dual-Tuner Receivers with Agile Modulated Outputs

DishPro Twin with Off-Air/CATV, Super Home Node, DP Plus 44 Switch & Diplexers

DishPro Plus 44 Switch with 2A-Rated Diplexers and 2 Dual-Tuner Receivers with Agile Modulated Outputs


Linux Source Code

DISH 721 DVR Source Code

DISH 921 DVR Source Code





Have a Dish Network Support or Installation question that you can't find the answer to? With over 25 years of experience, we can help. Contact us today!


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