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Dish NOW! Prepaid Satellite TV

****As of September 15th, 2009 Dish Network has discontinued the DishNOW program.****

DISH Network will be converting people over to the FLEX TV program.  If you have a DishNow system and are happy with your equipment, you can allow DISH to convert your account to a FLEX account.  If you want to update your receiver to a DVR or a dual tuner model then you can contact us for additional information on creating your new account.

New Customer? Please visit our FLEX TV page for more information.


Prepaid satellite TV - the easiest and most convenient way to watch TV! Starts at $1 a day - NO CONTRACT!

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What is prepaid satellite TV?

It's simply a new way to purchase satellite tv programming - using prepaid cards, much like popular prepaid cell phones.

Since you pay for your programming upfront, there are no monthly bills, no credit checks and no contracts - unlike traditional satellite or cable.

How does it work?

First, buy your system for $99.99. Install the dish using our FREE self-installation kit, and hook up the receiver.

Then, simply purchase a prepaid card for $40, scratch off the back to reveal your PIN # (or have us scratch it off for you and we will email you your pin - no shipping required), and call the 800 number that's on the card to instantly activate your programming (you will be able to choose from several programming packages, each providing programming for a different number of days per card).

When your programming runs out, simply buy another card and call in with your new pin!

How many days will a $40 card buy me?

It depends on the package you choose, but it ranges from 21-36 days, (16-36 days for international packages.)

What programming options are available?

You can order any Dish Network package, including Dish Family, Dish Latino, movie channels and international packages.

Who can use DishNOW! Prepaid Satellite TV?


Prepaid satellite TV is great for vacation homes, RV-ers, or who will only be living in a location for a short time and want to avoid the hassles of transferring service.

Prepaid satellite TV is also perfect for people without a credit card, without a social security number, who wish to avoid a credit check, or who have bad credit and don't want to pay a deposit to lease a Dish system under contract.






Satellite One has been a leading satellite dish retailer since 1983. We offer a variety of products, including Dish NOW Prepaid Satellite TV -- the newest way to take advantage of Dish Network's great programming without having to sign a contract or receive a monthly bill!

We also offer Dish Network equipment and accessories for tradional subscription-based satellite Dish Network service.


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